Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coloring Practice

Another backlog post... I ended up changing the format I was coloring in because it was an incredibly long week at work and I was doing good to keep my eyes open much less anything coherent.

Simon Pegg (day 1)
 Total time: ~2 Hours
Media: Photoshop / Intuos Tablet
I think I was at work for about 10.5/11 hours on the day that I was trying to work on this so all things considered the progress was okay. I really want to go back and use him as a reference again when I'm a little more coherent. 

Simon Pegg (day 2)
Media: Photoshop / Intuos Tablet
I ended up going back the next day and adding a little bit of hair and detail but that was about as far as I got with it..

Helen Mirren
Media: Photoshop / Intuos Tablet
I think this is one of my least favorite attempts thus far but, I figured I might as well post it anyway as it's still good to document my progress... even when it's a step backward. 

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